Hello everyone,

We just released a new playback feature on Flat, the ability to swing eighth notes!

For those who don't know about swing, it's a rhythm interpretation which modify the timing of eighth pairs.
The most common interpretation is when the first eighth of the pair is played as a dotted eighth and the second one is played as a sixteenth while being accentuated.

Here is an example of a melody played at a normal rhythm :

And here it is with swung eighths instead:

Can you see (and hear) the difference?

The swing feature, let you apply a swing feel to any score without having to change all the duration, as I did in my second example.

To access it, just open the mix panel, and, if you're a Flat Power user, you will be able to activate the swing for the current score.

Mix Panel Swing

This feature, as all Flat's features, is aimed to be improved by allowing you to persist the swing notation, so everybody can hear it. Also we want to allow you to choose the accentuation of the swing (from 0% to 100% of a eighth duration).

Let me know if you have more ideas for that feature!

Have a good week!