Hi everyone,

Many of you may have noticed already but we made a couple of changes regarding the sound and playback tools.

With the growing number of functionalities added in the toolbar we decided that it was necessary to rethink how were organized all the tools around sounds, metronome and playback.

So we took everything related and put them all in a unique location:

First section

Here you can manage the different playback output you have. Indeed with the introduction of external soundtrack you can use alternative sources when playing your composition.

Second section

Second one was originally at the right side of the toolbar. It allows you to change the settings regarding the metronome:

  • if you want to have it pacing before the playback starts.
  • if you want it pacing all time long.
Third Section

The Playback options is the good old mix panel modal.

Mix panel

Finally the manage recording will allow you to add a new alternative soundtrack and / or rework the synchronization of an existing one. Discover everything about that feature in our dedicated artice.

I hope you will love this new update :)
We have a couple ones we're finalizing and we can't wait to share with you!

Have a wonderful day!