The universe is full of mysteries for us humans. We find it fascinating from a scientific point of view. But not only. It captivates us because we believe we can find the answer to the origin of our existence.

An interesting fact about the universe is that you can't hear anything in it. The reason is that in space there is no atmosphere to carry sound waves. However, spacecraft instruments can pick up radio emissions from various bodies in the universe, which we can then translate into sound waves once we reach Earth. This is how NASA recorded the symphony of the planets. And make no mistake, this is not a symphony in the classical sense. The symphony of the planets is a series of sounds that some people find a bit creepy.


The universe, and the planets, have played a role in the spiritual, religious, and worldview of different cultures on Earth. Long ago, each planet represented an archetype or god based on its qualities. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of agriculture and crops. With the advancement of science, beliefs about the planets have been discarded or confirmed. In summary, here are the most characteristic facts about each major planet in the solar system:

You can read more information about the planets here👇🏿

There are more planets than stars in our galaxy. We’ve discovered thousands of planets orbiting distant stars, but it all started with the worlds orbiting our star — the Sun. he current lineup includes eight planets.


Gustav Holst once created a masterpiece called The Planets, imagining which music represented each of these astral bodies:

Now it's your turn to be creative!

The challenge

The idea of this challenge is to create a score of any kind that illustrates one of the planets, according to your preference.


  • Read the description of each planet and choose the one you like the most.
  • The score must be created on Flat.
  • We only accept original compositions.
  • You can use a maximum of four instruments.
  • The length of the song must be between 1 minute and 3 minutes.
  • You can only use minor keys.
  • Deadline: 24 April.
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  • No late submissions‼️

Scoring system

✅ Respect all the instructions: 4 points

✅ Votes from the team: 4 points

✅ Likes on the score: one point per like

✅ Share the challenge on your Instagram stories and tag us: 5 points

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🥇 The score with more points wins.


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Please, send your submission 👉🏽 here before April 24th!

Late submissions will not be considered.

Good luck!!