A lot of users have been asking for an audio export of their creations so they can easily share it with their friends or work on it with Audacity for example.

Today I'm pleased to tell you that it has been finally released in Flat !
It took me a while due to some buffer conversion issues but it's now working like a charm.

More specifically, you can now export all your scores in MP3 and WAV (lossless) format.
The quality may be better when you export it in a WAV file but in the other hand it creates an heavier file

Export scores to WAV and MP3 preview

To do so, click on the export symbol in the upper right corner.
Then click on the export link regarding your preference between MP3 and WAV
You may have to wait a short time before your download start (depends of the number of parts in your creation).

Here is a little sample of what an export could sounds like:

If you have any feedback about this feature, feel free to contact us team@flat.io
I hope to listen many of your audio exports in the coming days !