Hello everyone!
We are very excited to announce the winner of this challenge.

Thank everyone who joined in! You are amazing artists and we are honored to have you as part of this community.

We listened to all of you and it was not an easy task to choose the winner!

❗ Just for you to see, we created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽 listen now.  

If you don't see yours in that playlist, please, don't be disappointed, we really loved everything you did! You can still participate in our upcoming challenges 💪🏻. We host one every month.

Without further ado...

🎉 We want to congratulate Theo Brown!!!!

You are the winner of this challenge for your song Floating in Catacombs:

"I was in an underground maze-like tunnel system that was dimly lit up by bioluminescent plants all around. I saw a shiny rock on the ground, glittering in the dim light, and I picked it up. All of a sudden, I started floating. I floated on for a while through the gloomy passageways, but then, after floating past a few forks in the tunnels, I dropped the rock. It skittered down the tunnels away from me, and I crashed to the ground. The previously peaceful glow in the dark creatures started to run at me, so I ran away in the direction my floaty rock had gone. I dodged around a corner to hide, and I pulled my hood up. I sneakily made my way over to where the rock had come to a halt, avoiding the eyes of the hostile creatures. Then, I picked up the rock, and started to float again. I kept floating, enjoying the sensation for a while, but then I started to wonder if I could ever make it out of this underground maze. I was starting to think I would never see the light of day again when I glimpsed it. At the end of a long tunnel to my left, there was light. I quickened the pace of my floating a little and happily headed towards the light, but then, the creatures noticed me once more. They didn't want me to leave, so they started chasing after me. I broke into a mid-air run, but they were too fast. They started to drag me backwards, slowly at first, but then more and more until I was swallowed again by the darkness. I had no choice then but to float on and on, past bends in the tunnels, always in the same eerie, very dim light, always underground, forever"

Fun fact: most of your dreams were nightmares! Why is that? 🤔

Again, thank you all for submitting your songs 🤟.

Ready for the next challenge? Stay tuned!