Hello everyone! I hope this 2023 has welcomed you with lots of inspiration for creating more music🤘🏽

You have probably noticed that we have an active community. Besides our monthly challenges, some of our users also create interesting activities that can help you grow as a composer! Would you like to explore it?

🤫 You can join our Discord server to be updated about this and more community activities. There we have a dedicated channel for this competition.

This time I am here to invite you to join the competition Henrik and Dylan S are hosting. Hey! If you don´t know them yet, go and check their music, you will thank me later 😉

❗️By the way, there are only 5 spots left!

Without further ado, here is the information 👇🏼

👀 What is the composition about

The competition consists of a series of rounds. Each round is dedicated to a certain  music era. As each round progresses, we go further in history. There will be rounds that include Contemporary music, Jazz/Ragtime, Romantic classical, Classical, and Baroque Classical.

The competition will include collabs, and buffs for the people who do the best every round! Each round will be 2 weeks long.

This is the perfect chance to explore different creative resources to expand your composition skills.

🤔 Who can join

Whoever wants to develop new composing skills in the company of other Flat composers.

🙋🏻 How to join

To join just comment on the sign up score!

There you will get all the updates regarding further instructions.

Good luck!