Hello fellow teachers,

I hope you had a great summer break! We are back for a new back-to-school packed with product updates for Flat for Education.

We took advantage of this Summer to release many new features and improvements to our product. I would like to share some of them with you in this post:


Since we launched our auto-graded music theory worksheets in Flat for Education earlier this year, we continuously added content and features to this new product.

We released Beat counting exercises and the support for Takadimi counting for these exercises.

Beat counting exercises for the worksheets
Make your students practice rhythm counting on simple and compound meter.
Takadimi for beat counting exercises
How to use Takadimi counting system in the beat counting exercises of Flat for Education Worksheets.

For pitch worksheets, you can now customize the pitches displayed: Letters (C, D, E..), Solfege in Fixed Do (Do, Re, Mi), or Solfege in Movable Do:

Solfege and Movable Do for pitch worksheets
Now you can select if you want to use Letters (C, D, E..), Solfege in Fixed Do (Do, Re, Mi), Or Solfege in Movable Do for the pitch worksheets.

When creating new worksheets, you can enable our new Shuffle option to randomize the order of the exercises for each student:

Shuffle for Worksheet Exercises
Hi fellow teachers, We have introduced a new option for the Worksheet Exercises: the Shuffle! You can find it under the extras when you are creating a worksheet. Shuffle extra enabledWhen this option is activated, all the students will get the exercises in a different order, introducing some varie…

We improved the worksheet accessibility across our product, especially for color blind people:

A more accessible view

Once your students have completed one of your worksheets, you will find a new Analytics tab available on your assignment page.

Result analysis for Worksheets
Hi fellow teachers, I believe teaching is not just about individual students, but also about the class as a group. Sometimes, only a few students are lagging behind, and it is fine to create specific exercises for them. But sometimes, it is the group as a whole that is having

Microsoft Teams Assignments

We are excited to extend our integration with Microsoft Teams. After releasing the support for classes rostering sync and our Teams app, we are adding the support of Teams Assignments.

This means that all your new Flat for Education assignments (composition, music theory, performance, ...) will be posted in your Teams classes channels and be available in the Assignments app in Teams.

This will make it easier to onboard new students this year from Teams: in 1-click they will have their Flat for Education account ready to use and open their first activity.

Students' submissions and grades will automatically be added to your Teams gradebook, next to your other grades.

Introducing our integration with Microsoft Teams Assignments
Hi everyone, Microsoft Teams is a wonderful communication tool for schools using Microsoft 365 which comes with a dedicated assignments feature for your Teams classes. After integrating the classes rostering sync with Teams last year, we are excited to launch today our brand-new integration with Te…
A student submission on Microsoft Teams with graded and links synced by Flat for Education

Google Classroom

If you are already using our Google Classroom, I'm sure you love it. We released some new improvements to keep saving more time this year:

Submissions' attachments

A few weeks ago, we released an update to Google Classroom submissions. New submissions now contain a unique link to the review page on Flat for Education. This resolves the issues you could have previously encountered with deleted or unshared scores.
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Archived classes synchronized with Classroom

You can now archive classes synchronized with Google Classroom directly using the Flat for Education interface. Archiving a class will pause the sync of the class roster and assignments.

Accounts management

Accounts creation improvements

We released many improvements around the creation of Flat for Education accounts:

Delete classes and the inactive student accounts

If you used Flat for Education and want to quickly delete the previous classes and the corresponding inactive student accounts, there is a new handy tool for that.

When removing a classroom, you will see an extra step to optionally remove accounts that are no longer part of any classes:

You can learn more about this new feature and how to enable it for the teachers from your organization in the following post:

Easily delete student accounts that are no longer used
Discover the new tools available in Flat for Education to quickly delete inactive students account when deleting classes from the past year.

Have a great back-to-school!

All the Flat for Education team wishes you a wonderful back-to-school. We are excited with all these updates making Flat for Education an even easier to use and more accessible product for everyone. All our product updates are driven by your feedback, so if you have any suggestions for our team, please send us a quick email!