Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce that guitar chord grids are available on Flat.

How to enable the grids on your score

To enable chord grids on your score, go on the instruments menu, click on your guitar part, and click on "Tablature, Chord Grids and Tuning". Finally, tick the "Use chord grids" checkbox.

Enabling chord grids in the instrument settings

Here you go, chord grids are now enabled on the score. We also generate a grid for all chords that were already there on the part.

How to edit the grids

When you add a chord on this part with grids enabled, we will automatically generate a grid that matches this chord.

Adding a chord automatically generate the grid

You can edit an existing grid by clicking on it. This way, you can directly input the frets numbers, or click on the grid to change the positions of the frets.

Chord grid edition
To learn more about using chord grids, check out our dedicated help page.

What's next

We will add a system to save the way you are customizing the chord grids, to improve or generation system. You will also be able to select between multiple chord suggestions.

I hope chord grids will enable you to create awesome content for guitar and bass players :)