Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed everything is going pretty fast, many features are coming along! Here's the next one: I am thrilled to release the second part of the chords!
The chords with bass inversion

I also took some time to improve the overall experience to make it much more intuitive and less frustrating!
Here's some of the changes :)

A more intuitive auto completion

Since we rely on an text input, it can be sometimes a bit hard to know and guess the right syntax to enter. With the bass inversion added, it clearly appears that we needed to add some tips / help. That's why you now have, in white, the expected syntax related to the submitted chord.

New keyboard inputs

I completely rewrote the keyboard shortcuts as well! Now using the arrows you will be able to move around the input field.
If you want to move around the different completion given you can use shift + arrow :)
Enter and Tab will still work the same, moving you to the tick of the next measure.

These are the mains changes I have done. I also improved the search pattern algorithm to avoid some unrelated suggestions :)

I wish you a very good weekend!

Have fun!