Hi everyone,

Keyboard shortcuts have always been a big part of our music notation editor because they allow you to quickly make a lot of changes to a score. Today, we are updating this feature to allow you adding your own keyboard shortcuts, and editing keys associated with existing actions.

Creating and editing shortcuts

Shortcuts can directly be edited right in the editor. Press Alt + ? to open the shortcuts dialog, or click on the "?" at the top right of the editor.

In this dialog, click on Customize to start making changes to the list. You can edit the shortcut associated with an action, and create new shortcuts by choosing among hundreds of actions available. Here is an example below:

Editing and creating shortcuts

New shortcuts filter

All the actions can't be used in all the contexts, that's why we are also taking advantage of this update to add a new filter on the top the dialog.

New shortcuts filters

For example, when Pitched staves is selected, the shortcuts that can only be used on unpitched staves or tabs will be hidden.

This also allows you to reuse a shortcut for a different action when the style of stave changes. For example, in the default shortcuts:

  • In a pitched stave, will increase the pitch.
  • In a TAB, will move the cursor to the next string.

I'm sure you will like this new feature. Please let us know if you have any feedback regarding this update, we love to hear from you!

Vincent & The Flat Team