Hi Everyone,

I am really pleased to announce that we've released a first version of fingerings on Flat!

You will find them in the Articulation tab :)

We know that it was an eagerly awaited feature for many of you.

This first version works as follow:

  • Select a pitch you want to add a fingerings to.
  • Click on the icon inside the toolbar and iterate to the appropriate number
  • Repeat...

Pretty easy isn't it?

What about diagrams and more specific indications?

We know that many of you also want more specific and different indication such as

  • chord diagrams
  • instruments diagrams
  • guitar diagrams

We're still thinking about it for now on. It's a much more complicated area and as we don't like to released half done work we want to be sure how to ship that properly :)

Have a wonderful week end and see you around!

Pierre & The Editor Team