Hey guys! It's been a while. I have been quite busy with Flat during this summer. It's time for me to share with you what I have been working on.

At the beginning of Flat, we decided to have what we call a "track" layout for music edition. We though that with Web technologies, we could get rid of the need to paginate while edition the score, and instead have a linear, continuous display. But many of you are used to edit with a "page layout", either to have a kind of "paper allegory", or to be able to know how the music is going to look on the printed page.
Track Layout

We have added the possibility to edit while being in a page layout display. It is working pretty well at the moment . However we have decided to make some trade-off to ensure good performances while editing very big scores. For instance, we only flow measures to the right. We don't try to pull the measures to the left to fill previous lines, in order to prevent big computations.
Page Layout

There is still room for improvement. We currently only handle the horizontal overflow of measures in line. One thing that we would like to add would be to handle vertical overflow of measures in the page. Still, we are really proud of the current state of the "page layout" edition. We will first work on other area that also deserve a little brushing.

Love you guys!
Cyril & The Flat Team