Hey there,

If you are new to Flat, our education version, Flat for Education, is a private Flat website for your school or district with dedicated education features. This product allows you to easily onboard your students on Flat using your favorite apps and LMS (Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and more!) and easily create music education activities for your students (for example: composition, music theory and collaborations).

Until now, the management of existing users was pretty hard when you had thousands of accounts in your website, especially at the end of the year. That's why we just launched several improvements on the admin pages, especially on the students listing:

  • Pages now have a better pagination making it easier to browse dozens of thousands of accounts.
  • The search has been improved to give better results based on names, usernames, and emails.
  • You can now quickly delete multiple accounts at once, and easily transfer a selection of accounts to our consumer website (e.g. at graduation).

Here is a quick demo of one of the improved page for you:

Improve user listing

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions regarding our education product, we are always happy to help and make Flat better!

Vincent & Flat for Education team