La planète sauvage is a fantastic movie directed by René Laloux 🇫🇷, winner at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, and in 2016 ranked as the 36th greatest animated movie ever by Rolling Stone. And one of the most iconic aspects of this movie is... its soundtrack! The composer was Alain Goraguer – heard of him?

“Composer Alain Goraguer creates an equally hypnotic score from a palette of effects-laden guitars, flutes, Fender Rhodes, and strings. While the lush arrangements are reminiscent of Goraguer's collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg in the 1960s, space-age synth flourishes suggest a more psychedelic era. Moody vignettes flow together in tense, slow-paced funk rhythms and Baroque textures.”

Jazz Messengers

The challenge

In this challenge, you'll imitate the soundtrack's musical style to create your own song!


  • Must be an original song specially created for this challenge. An arrangement will not be considered.
  • Collaborations are allowed (max. 3 composers per song). Scores with more than 3 composers will not be considered.
  • You can only submit one score.
  • The duration of the song must be 1:00-3:00 minutes. Scores longer than 3 minutes will not be considered.
  • External audio sources can be used (it will not influence the results).
  • If you have already won a challenge, you can submit your song but you will not win another annual prize subscription, to give a chance to someone else.
  • You have to subscribe to our Youtube channel for your score to be considered 😉.
  • Deadline: 23rd June. No late submissions!

Scoring system

✅ Accuracy (25)

How well the song embodies La planète sauvage's soundtrack style.

✅ Engagement (25)

How well your song captures one's attention for its entire duration.

✅ Transitions (25)

How smooth and well-designed the song's transitions are (e.g. modulations).

✅ Founder Enjoyment (25)

How the founders of Tutteo, the company behind Flat, like your piece.

Bonus points

  • Follow us on Twitter (5 points).
  • Send us a picture of you composing the song that we can share on our social media when submitting your score (5 points).
  • Tell us the song that JM, May’s composer of the month, is most proud of (hint, the answer is in this video) (5 points).

🥇 The score with the most points wins.

We will announce the winner on July 1st!


🏆 One-year Premium subscription.

Additional incentives

  • Promotion in our blog and social media.
  • Special badge for a year showing you as the winner of this month's challenge!


Please send your submission 👉🏽 here before the deadline!

Late submissions will not be considered.

Good luck!!