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Hi everyone!

I have great news for our fellow music teachers. We just introduced the Kodály notation in Flat.


Let's take this classic french song, "Au clair de la lune".

Initial 'Au clair de la lune' song

Let's open the instruments settings.

Open instrument settings

Instrument settings

On the bottom, you can see on the entry for Kodály notation. If you open it, it looks like this:

Kodály settings

You can either choose to display notes as letters (do re mi fa so la ti), or as hand signs.
You can also select the source singing pitch and the recommended singing pitch. The source singing pitch is the "original" pitch of the song. Here it is "C". The recommended singing pitch is the pitch you will use with your students to sing the song. For now, we will set it to the same value than the source pitch.

Here is the result:

'Au clair de la lune' with Kodály enabled

You can see that the Kodály notation is displayed below the normal notation, in a fashion similar to the TAB staff for guitars. If you make changes on the normal staff, the changes will be immediately synchronized on the Kodály staff.

On the top left, you can see the source and the recommended singing pitches.

On the top right, there is the list of pitches in the song, with the last note of the song being inside the parenthesis. This list is refreshed when you save the score and refresh the page.

Now let's change the recommended singing pitch to "G".

Kodály settings with recommended pitch (G) different than source pitch (C)

Here is the result:

The resulting score, with Kodály content, transposed based on source and recommended pitch

You can see that the transposition is automatically performed for the Kodály notation.

Hand Signs

And here is how it looks like if we use the hand-sign notation:

The score with hand-sign instead


When you print the score, you will probably want to get rid of the normal staff, to only keep the Kodály notation. To do so, just tick the "Only print Kodály" checkbox.

Print settings

And here you go:

The printed score with only the Kodály notation 

I hope this new notation will help you create awesome pedagogical content! If you have any feedback regarding this new feature, please drop us a line at


Cyril & The Flat Team