Hi Everyone,

Hope you're doing well!
Here at Flat with the back to school season behind us, we have been working really hard on improving many small details that can make a true change in the way you share and show your work.
It starts today with a major change on our layout settings offering you much more control and flexibility!

A preview to directly see the result

We obviously made it much more intuitive to use by splitting the interface into specific sections. We also added a preview screen that will help you to see how it will look much more quickly than ever :)
Just grab a slider and see the result:

Tell us what you would love to see in the future

As you just saw, we completely reorganized the interface to give us more space to use so that we can extend the number of options available :)
What would like to see next? As usual, feel free to send us a message to tell us!

Have a great weekend!