Humans are more than atoms, we are stories. Stories fascinate us, determining how we understand the world and ourselves. In addition to creating stories, humans are experts at finding patterns.

Carl Jung, one of the most influential psychologists in his field, believed that humans not only have an individual unconsciousness but also a collective one built by our stories. Jung created a category called Archetypes, which are characters that we can find in our society that respond to the collective unconscious. The archetypes are character models which help to shape our personalities, and we all have a little bit of every one of them.

This challenge is very special, as you will get to know yourself better while creating a great song.

The challenge

Take this personality test: to find out what are the most predominant archetypes of your personality. Read the description and let your creativity fly!


  • Take the personality test and write a song about your archetypes, you can choose only one or all three.
  • Must be an original song specially created for this challenge. An arrangement will not be considered.
  • Collaborations are not allowed this time (they will be allowed for the next challenge).
  • You can only submit one score.
  • The duration of the song must be between 1 to 3 minutes.
  • External audio sources can be used (it will not influence the results).
  • All genres are permitted.
  • If you have already won a challenge, you can submit your song but you will not participate in the annual prize subscription, to give a chance to someone else.
  • Deadline: 27th May. No late submissions!

Scoring system

✅ Accuracy (25 points)

How well the song embodies the archetype(s) you chose. We will leave a comments section for you to explain the choices you made in the submissions form.

✅ Originality (25 points)

Make it your own to stand out! This aspect responds to how different your song is from others. We will look into the chord progressions, melodies, etc...

✅ Flow (25 points)

How well the overall piece flows from start to finish".

✅ Founders Enjoyment (25 points)

How much Tutteo’s founders, the company behind Flat, like your piece.

Bonus points

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (5 points).
  • Attach a picture of you composing the song that we can share on our social media when submitting your score (5 points).
  • Create a video explaining your creative process for the score you wrote for this challenge, upload it on Instagram, and tag us (5 points).
  • Tell us how many siblings Audrey West has. Hint, the answer is in this video. (5 points).

🥇 The score with more points wins.


🏆 One yearly Premium subscription.

Additional incentives

  • Promotion in our blog and social media.
  • Special badge for a year showing you won this month's challenge!


Please, send your submission 👉🏽 here before 5pm, May 27th!

Late submissions will not be considered.

Good luck!!