The Big Bang theory is the astronomical explanation for the universe's origin. It proposes that the universe started from a singular point and has been expanding and stretching ever since to reach its current vast sizeβ€”a process that continues today. Researchers estimate the age of the universe to be 13.8 billion years, an immensely long span of time for us humans.

The challenge

In this challenge, imagine the journey of a particle from the moment of the Big Bang through various stages of the universe's evolution: the origin, the formation of stars, galaxies, and planets. Then create a score in Flat to express this journey musically. This could involve dramatic shifts in tempo, dynamics, and harmony to reflect different environments and events the particle experiences.


  • The composition must be an original piece, specifically created from scratch for this challenge in Flat. We will review the score's history to ensure compliance with this rule. Submissions that do not adhere to this requirement will not be considered.
  • Collaborations are allowed this time (3 composers max.).
  • The song must be 1-3 minutes long. We know this is a very limited time but we're getting so many submissions lately, we want to make sure we can carefully review each of them❣️
  • You can only submit one score.
  • Deadline: March 31st. No late submissions.
  • Remember we can not consider private scores.

Scoring system

βœ… Accuracy (30)

How accurately the song represents the theme.

βœ… Engagement (30)

How well your song captures the listener's attention for its entire duration.

βœ… Transitions (30)

How smooth and well-designed the song's transitions are (e.g. modulations).

βœ… Founder Enjoyment (10)

How much the founders of Tutteo, the company behind Flat, like your piece.

If you win more than once during the period of the yearly subscription you won, the prize will be applied as follows:

  • You can give away the yearly subscription to a person who does not have a premium subscription yet of your choice.
  • If you decide to keep the prize for yourself, we will add one extra month to the annual subscription you already won, and the second place will be awarded the annual subscription prize.

Bonus points

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel (2 points).
  • You use the Drum set (5 points)

πŸ₯‡ The score with the most points wins!

We'll announce the winner on April 11th.


πŸ† One-year Premium subscription.

Additional incentives

  • Promotion in our blog and social media.
  • Special badge for a year showing you as the winner of this month's challenge!


Please send your submission πŸ‘‰πŸ½ here.

Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

⚠ Private scores cannot be reviewed! Please make your score public before submitting it.

After submitting, we will manually add your score to the Challenge tab on the Flat Community Page. This isn't an automatic process, so you'll need to have a bit of patience.

We can't wait to hear what you come up with!