Music is the universal language. Through it, we connect as humanity, we realize that we are not so different from each other. Music, as the May composer says, is inexplicable, "it is magic".
Meet David Menenses, better known as JM in the Flat community.
JM is from πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄, and besides his music, we were impressed by his sensitivity.

Discover his story in this article and get inspired!

His background

His history with music began before he was born. His mother listened to Mozart during pregnancy, so JM considers himself part of the Mozart effect πŸ‘Ά.

It seems that his love for music was encoded in his genes. From a very young age, he always sought to be close to music.

"Since I am a conscious being, I remember asking for musical gifts: instruments, music players. Later on, I started to train my ear with a piano toy. When someone asked for me to play something, I could do it in no time"

At only 8 years old, JM made his first drum set with some buckets. Impressive, isn't it? I think that is amazing, but his neighbors were not very happy about it πŸ˜….

With such talent and innate curiosity, all that was needed was a place where to get all the right knowledge and tools to develop as a composer. At his school, by passing the band auditions, JM was able to learn music theory.

I want to take a moment here to talk about music education. Sometimes it goes unnoticed how important it is. For JM, as for me and others, music education was a blessing, inspiring us to be our best selves. Thank you to all the music teachers who make such a difference in so many people's lives! 🫢🏽

At 10 JM started composing.

"I had this urge to communicate what I was feeling through melodies"

Sadly, with the pandemic, face-to-face classes and rehearsals were put on hold. But JM's love for music is unstoppable. He turned the situation into an opportunity to continue learning on his own and become the composer he is today.

His style

It is hard to define his style. Check it for yourself:

This is the piece JM is most proud of ☝️.

"It has so many possible interpretations while connecting so many people. Also, it is my way of commemorating those who died of COVID-19"

As I mentioned, he is impressively sensitive and empathetic. Another JM's work we love is The Secret Hero. Which is a piece he made to celebrate the unnoticed heroes: the firefighters.

"My style goes beyond music. What I look for is to make you remember something about your life, to make you feel something"

Although he does not have a defined, or rather, definable style, JM is focused on orchestration.

"With an orchestra, it's easier for me to make you feel something, to bring you into a scene. Just a piano, it's not enough"

His time on Flat

JM joined when he was 10 years old looking for a place where to compose.

"Flat is an amazing platform where you can express yourself freely. This is the platform I liked the best since it is really easy to use, even if you don't know music theory. Plus, the community is really welcoming and supportive"

When he started using the platform, he wrote some pieces that, he says, he wouldn't want to listen to ever again. Over time, he got much better.

"To be a better musician, you need to go beyond your limitations. This is the only way to get results"

His creative process

He does not have an order or just one way to compose. He does not focus on the melody, the chords, the progressions, no. The thing that triggers his creativity is a story.

"Without a story, I don't know what I am doing. I need to have a story, I need to know what I want to communicate"

What music means to him

Music is everything to JM, it is life itself.

"I will make music until I leave the world. Without music, I am not truly alive"

His biggest dream is for humanity to be united, and that is what music does, music connects us.

"This is why I feel so good making music"

Without further ado, I would like to leave you with a reflection JM made during the interview:

"Maybe you don't have the musical skills you want yet but, if you love music, fight for it"

Thank you JM for being part of this community, and for bringing beauty to the world with your music!

See you next time,