Music is healing.  Given the deep connection we have with music, it’s perhaps unsurprising that countless studies have shown it can benefit our mental health, physical health, and overall well-being.  

We can all think of that one song that makes us smile, brings us happiness, or reminds us of certain experiences.  For some people, it might be the song they danced to at their wedding, for others a song may hold sentimental value linked to a particular person or event.  No matter the reason, music ties us to our lives, bringing us joy and good health.  

June's composer of the month is Ramon, better known on Flat as “Dislan Music”.  His followers know that he writes intricate orchestral scores that hit close to home in terms of emotions.  His pieces prove to us that music can indeed heal the mind.  We love his music, and so we wanted to share his story with you!

His background

Dislan is a 16-year-old composer from Australia.  His love for music can be traced back to his grandparents, who enjoyed playing classical music while Dislan was around.  His grandpa would also play a wide variety of music on the piano, ranging from classical to jazz.  

“I wasn’t very interested in playing, even when asked by my grandpa - I was more interested in watching him play.”

When Dislan started composing at the age of 12, he largely stuck with the basics.  

“It was just quarter note stuff, it wasn’t particularly the best.”

Of course, we all start somewhere when it comes to writing music; then with time and effort, we improve.  Dislan is a great example of that.  

“I knew that if I kept going, it would get better.”

So remember, never give up, especially when it comes to composing!

His time on Flat

After first using a different composing app in music class that he didn't enjoy, Dislan wanted to find a great composing app.  That's how he stumbled upon Flat via Google 🤯!

He joined the Flat family at the end of 2016.  Though he didn’t publish music until the beginning of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, throughout those years he was able to learn, practice, and build up his skills.  

“My experience with Flat has been absolutely amazing, it’s probably one of my favorite programs that I’ve ever used.  It’s very easy to use and the support is very quick to respond.”

🥺 We absolutely love you guys! We are blessed with such an amazing community of composers here.  We are beyond happy to hear that you're enjoying our platform and are always willing to improve and make your experience better!

His influences

Music can be very inspirational, each song causing a variety of feelings, each composer bringing forward different emotions, styles, and influences.  For Dislan, inspiration came from Danny Elfman, an American film composer known for his music in movies such as Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Though Elfman has written soundtracks for dozens of movies, the one movie that stood out to Dislan was the 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dislan was heavily intrigued by the main titles because they had a strong theme within the horns.  He listened to this soundtrack constantly, over and over.  He even found himself listening to it while playing Minecraft!

After falling in love with Elfman’s work, he began to do some research and watched more of his films.  Though he didn't really pay attention to the movies themselves, he would pay close attention to the instruments in the background, bringing life to the screen.  

“I feel that music serves a purpose.”

And right he is! Music is so important to every one of us and we are so glad to see all of our users actively engaging in music!

His style

We all have our own musical styles.  Some people prefer to write slow, sad songs, others prefer to write fast, lively pieces; no matter our tastes, each of us brings something different to the musical table. When asked what word best describes his style, Dislan explains that his style is “eclectic”, meaning that his music ranges through a wide variety of styles and genres.  

Dislan tries to choose a different genre every time he writes a piece, to change it up and keep his supporters on their toes.  This is why it usually takes Dislan a while to produce a finished piece.  

“I listen to a lot of different film music, now what do I do?”

His creative process

We all have our own creative process when it comes to writing our music; Dislan's secret is that he starts with the ending.  He writes the big finale and then finds an instrument template he likes, adding more and more instruments as the song progresses.  He loves to use unique time-signature changes to give variety to the piece.  He also enjoys writing key changes to allow for different builds and lifts within the piece.  

To make sure his pieces all have a different feel and style, Dislan varies the chord progression from score to score.  He also changes up the main theme, dynamics, and harmonies to create a contrasting library of music.

The meaning of music

As we at Flat all know, music plays an important role in life.  It shapes us as humans, it brings people together, and it always seems to make things better.  Dislan describes music as “joy and happiness”.  

“It makes me feel calm and at ease.”  

Though Dislan doesn’t necessarily see a professional future in music, it will forever play an important part in his life.  He thinks he'll probably go into something like networking while keeping music as a strong hobby on the side.  

Final words

As we get to the close of our amazing interview with Dislan, he had some final remarks and words of advice.  

“If you want to write music and publish it, but you feel a bit shy, don’t.  If you have the courage to do it, do it.”

Thank you so much, Dislan, for being so awesome! And we thank each and every one of our community members - you guys are great and we love seeing how you're growing!

Until next time,