Hi fellow drummers!

Notating pitched instruments in a staff is very straightforward: there is a direct connection between the pitch of the note, and where it is positioned in the staff.

But for drums, it's another story. As most of the instruments composing a drum-set don't really have a perceived pitch (some do, like the crash cymbal), we need to use another convention to place those in the staff.

So each instrument is associated with a combination of a note-head and a position on the staff. However, there are many different conventions out there. So we made it easier to see what is the association between the instrument, and its note-head and position on the staff:

You can see this information in the drum pad:

Position and note-heads are displayed in the drum-pad

Here is how you can access it:

How to access the drum-pad

You also can see this information on the shortcuts page:

Position and note-heads are displayed in the keyboard shortcuts cheat-sheet

That you can access there:

How to access the keyboard shortcuts cheat-sheet

What's next!

Our next step will be to make that information available directly as you are adding notes inside the staff. Be sure we are committed to improving drummers' lives!