Among all the requested instruments, Chimes have always been in the top of the list.

That's why today we are glad to release Wind Chimes as a new instrument. You should be able to find it in the Premium Instruments category.

We integrated 6 different glissandos for this instrument, 3 going up and 3 going down with 2 short and one long duration for each type.

You can find below a picture explaining each element of this new set.

wind chimes map

Also, a quick reminder about Orchestral Chimes (the pitched chimes): They already exist under the name "Tubular Bells", we just updated the name so it becomes clearer for everyone.

Along with this instrument, is coming an update for the kazoo.

Many users complained about kazoo not being realistic enough, so we just changed the soundfont and it now sounds like a real kazoo!

We hope you will enjoy these new sounds!