As many of you wrote to us, note formatting definitely needed a big improvement. Well we're delighted to announce that we finally achieve that big improvement :) .

A brief history

So far note formatting was based on a linear relation between the note duration and its space taken. Which means that the more the note will be short compared to the measure total duration, the more the space between two quarter duration will be important.
It was a first version, that we developed back in October'14 to bootstrap Flat :)

So here's the first oldies version:


Which has been improved to:

This upgrade also works on the page view! Which means that no more errors on the page view will occurred :)

This is just the beginning!

Indeed we are improving all our formatting algorithms!

  • Vertical
  • Lyrics
  • Beams
  • Rests merging

Are our very next targets!

We hope you'll enjoy this first step. We'll keep you updated regarding upcoming ones!

Have a great summer

Pierre & The Flat Team