Hello everyone!
We are very excited to announce the winner of this challenge.

Thank everyone who joined in! You are amazing artists and we are honored to have you as part of this community.

We listened to all of you and it was not an easy task to choose the winner!

❗ Just for you to see, we created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽 listen now.

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Without further ado...

🎉 We want to congratulate Bezakos!!!!

You are the winner of this challenge for your song How It All Came To Be:

"This is a composition I made dedicated to September's Challenge. It goes along the topic of matter evolution and the 5 elements according to mythology.

I added a minor twist to the topic and involved humanity in the process of evolution, thus it is more relatable and maybe interesting to listen and read.

The formation of the elements was a procedure that took millions of years. Matter took a long time to form and we are one of the more recent products of it.

The universe is said to be more than 20 billion years old and its existence is said to have started after the Big Bang. Big Bang is when a invisible, tiny sphere of infinite condensed particles called "Anomaly" exploded into the nothingness and started forming bodies. What we call celestial bodies today, such as planets, suns (stars), galaxies, black holes etc.

Initially I was going to make a story starting from the Big Bang and ending with the Big Crunch which is the opposite of the Big Bang (when everything will get squeezed back into a small sphere, forming the same Anomaly again). It was going to make my composition too long due to the load of ideas I had in mind and so I decided to not talk about how the universe could end.

The chord progression is meant to show the growth of the universe and every climax is supposed to indicate something worth mentioning that altered Earth's history.

Thank you for listening to this composition. It is very special to me and I really tried my best to make it sound pretty and also to make it match the story I am telling above the piano."

Again, thank you all for submitting your songs 🤟.

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