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Hi Everyone,

Days are flying and so are our improvements to make Flat the best platform to write, share and read music.
This feature is a major step forward :) You will now be able to synchronize your creations with a recording hosted on a third party platform such as:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud

Endless possibilities to enhance your work sharing

With the growing number of users creating and sharing content on the platform, we noticed that sheet music would never be enough. That most of you need multiple mediums at the same time to support your composition.

If you produce your creation using proprietary sound bank or record yourself performing, it makes so much senses for you to be able to link super easily your work and sync it over the music score playback.

As a teacher you may also want to link an original recording of a well known composition such as Chopin Nocturne.

There are so many ideas / opportunities to get the most out of it! From learning through education to social sharing.

The easiest synchronization tool

We challenged ourselves to make the synchronization as easy as we can. We thought that it must be a no-brainer in most of the case.

To add a new recording, start by open the new playback dropdown
and click manage recording

Then you will be able to add a new external track and start the synchronization! It will automatically start with two markers, the first at the beginning and the second one a the end. Then you will be able to add as many as you want to improve the sync between the score and your external track.

Every new marker will force the slider to wait for the perfect timing before moving over the sheet music again. They will be placed automatically at the beginning of the selected measure. Once you're done just hit "save".

And voila:

I hope you will love this brand new feature and get the most of it. We will keep improving it within the upcoming weeks!
Since then, please keep sending us feedback and suggestions, that's so helpful and inspiring!

Have a wonderful day!

Pierre & The Flat Team