Hi everyone,

A few years ago, we added the ability to link and synchronize an external video or audio hosted on YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo. This is an amazing feature used to add a mastered audio recording to a score and share the score with the corresponding video or audio track.

Today we are making it even easier to synchronize an audio file (MP3) with one of your score: you can directly upload it in the editor. Let's discover how to do it in a few clicks.

How to synchronize your audio file?

Start by opening one of your scores, click on the arrow next to the play icon, then choose "Manage recordings".

You will see the new option to upload an MP3 File. Choose the file form your device and click "Next".

Upload a file

If your mp3 is longer than the score, you can adjust the beginning and the end sync points. Then optionally add extra sync points if needed.

That's all! Your MP3 will be used as the default audio source when opening the score. Check out our dedicated help page for more information and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Have great weekend,

Vincent & The Flat Team