Hi all,

I am very pleased to write this short article about an eagerly awaited feature. Today, let’s talk about…

Editing staves

When Flat V6 was released six months ago, you were thousands to ask us why you still cannot edit and customize your staves on Flat. 🙏

Let me tell you that this time is now over. For staff editing is a brand new feature available since the release of Flat V8.

A new instrument option

We looked for the best place on Flat to add this new feature. And to us, it seemed very natural to integrate it directly in the instrument modal. If you are not very familiar with it, you can access it simply by clicking on an instrument’s name or by using the new symbol in the toolbar (see below):

Once you are on the instrument modal, you will see an instrument icon with a little triangle on its left side. Just click on it to edit the stave properties of the selected instrument:

Here is a short example

Basically, we will add the best clef for the freshly added stave. Naturally you can change them easily by using the clef tool.

As usual, we wanted this feature to be as intuitive as possible. We hope that you will enjoy it and that it will bring new creations by the Flat community. 🙌

Have a great day,