This a product announcement that may not reflect the exact current state of our product. Check out our dedicated Google Classroom help to get a the latest resources.

One year ago, during the ISTE 2015, we launched our first Google Classroom integration: the share button, allowing you to easily share your public music scores on Google Classroom. Four months later, following the feedback we received from all the teachers using Flat, we were launching our education version and last December we signed a partnership with Google for Education with a simple goal: make the digital music notation accessible to everyone.

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Next week our team will be at the ISTE 2016 and for this occasion we are proud to announce a major upgrade of our Google Classroom integration: all the assignments created on Flat will be in your Google Classroom account.

First of all, we simplified the classroom creation on Flat using Google Classroom, you can now get started in 3 clicks from the list of your scores, just select your Google Classroom course:

Any assignment that you will then create on Flat will be automatically created on Google Classroom. Here is an example where the students will create their own music score:

When the students open your Google Classroom course, they will see your assignment and have a direct link to join your private Flat website and create the music score. This document will automatically be attached to their submission on Google Classroom. Your students will be able to turn in their work on Google Classroom or directly on Flat using the button on the top of the editor. They have of course the ability to attach other documents (e.g. Google Docs or a Presentation) to their submission:

You can create an assignment from our editor and easily distribute copies of an existing music score:

Your students can join Flat and work on their copy with a single click from Google Classroom:

I hope you will appreciate this update that drastically simplifies the usage of Flat with Google Classroom. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback related to our education version!

See you next week in Denver at the ISTE,