Hey everyone,

Almost 1 year ago I wrote a blog post to announce the possibility to zoom on your music scores. Today this feature is so obvious that everybody almost forgot it :) .

But a few weeks ago we completely reworked it, bringing great improvements to this one:

Performance: We now avoid redrawing the existing parts of the scores, we only scale the existing engraved scores parts, making now the zoom super-smooth.

Shortcuts: You can now use the regular zoom shortcuts in the editor:

  • Ctrl/⌘ 0 to reset the zoom
  • Ctrl/⌘ + to zoom in
  • Ctrl/⌘ - to zoom out

Just like for any other feature, the shortcuts are displayed in the toolbar when you hover the toolbar and in our Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet.

Touchpad: If you use a trackpad or a touchpad, you can also easily zoom with your regular zoom gesture:

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What's next on Flat? Feel free to drop us your feedback!

Have a great day,