From the very first days of Flat’s existence, one key goal has been to give people better ways to collaborate when composing new music. After all, music is a field where collaborations have given us timeless works: Paul and John, Elton and Bernie, Mick and Keith…

The beauty of using Flat is that now those kinds of collaborations can develop without needing everyone to come from the same island, let alone from the same city! You can collaborate with fellow music lovers across the globe, each of you bringing your experiences and sensibilities to create something incredible.

💡 Learn how to collaborate in Flat here.

When a musical collaboration is successful, magic happens! On the community section on Flat, you can find amazing music created collaboratively that will blow your mind. This is one of my favorite collaborations so far:

Still, collaboration isn’t easy (just look at the stories behind those famous collaborations we mentioned above! 😉) So here we wanted to give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of collaboration - and of course, if you have any good tips that you’ve discovered during your own musical journey, share them with us in our Discord server!

Challenge: Artists who tend to work on their own can get stuck in their ways.

Solution: Sometimes, it’s all about mentality. Collaborating on music means that you’re trying to create a result that you wouldn’t get on your own. So embrace that, and remember that your “process” is just one of a million different ways of doing things, with none being “right”, none being “wrong”. Think about your process and talk about it with your collaborators, then listen to how they do things as well. You might end up blending processes, or you might end up finding a whole new way that works for all of you. Be open to change, and know that you can always go back to your comfort zone and compose something on your own later.

Challenge: Collaboration means making space for everyone’s individual talents.

Solution: Collaboration isn’t about finding someone to do a particular task (if that’s what you need, then you’re just looking to pay someone for their services). It’s about being confident in your own ideas while also providing room for your collaborators’ genius to shine through as well. The best collaborations will come from working with people you admire, whose gifts you clearly see. Collaborating is the coming together of equals, not a hierarchy.

Challenge: Everyone working together needs to be aiming at the same thing.

Solution: Be clear from the beginning about what you’re trying to accomplish. Is this collaboration trying to produce a hit for the pop charts? Are you trying to create a synthwave update on Mozart classics? Any given goal isn’t necessarily better than another. The thing that matters is having everyone involved in the collaboration on the same page and working toward the same goal.

Now, you might be wondering how to find people to collaborate with. Flat is the perfect space to find them, plus we have a Discord server where you kind find like-minded musicians to create with. You can join here.

Thanks for reading!