The world we create while we sleep is fascinating. In many movies and fiction books, it is posited that what we dream about is in fact the lives we have in other universes.

The challenge

In this challenge, we invite you to remember the craziest dream you've ever had and translate it into a song!


  • Must be an original song specially created for this challenge. An arrangement will not be considered.
  • Collaborations are allowed if one of the composers is a woman. The maximum of participants per score is 2.
  • You can only submit one score.
  • The sound of the song should be similar to the style of Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saëns:
  • The instrumentation is limited to 3 instruments.
  • The score has to start in Gm.  
  • The duration of the song must be between 1 to 3 minutes. Scores longer than 3 minutes will not be considered.
  • External audio sources can be used (it will not influence the results).
  • If you have already won a challenge, you can submit your song, but you will not participate in the annual prize subscription, to give a chance to someone else.
  • Deadline: 25th August. No late submissions!

Scoring system

✅ The story (10)

How interesting your dream is.

✅ Accuracy (10)

How well the song embodies your dream.

✅ Style (10)

How well the song embodies Aquarium style.

✅ Originality (20)

How unique the song is.

✅ Engagement (20)

How well your song captures one's attention for its entire duration.

✅ Transitions (20)

How smooth and well-designed the song's transitions are (e.g. modulations).

✅ Founder Enjoyment (10)

How the founders of Tutteo, the company behind Flat, like your piece.

Bonus points

  • Follow us on Instagram (1 point).
  • Send us a picture of your composition station that we can share on our social media when submitting your score (2 points).
  • Tell us where our Community manager is from. Hint: the answer is in this post (2 points).

We decided to lower the bonus points since we understand not all of you use Social Media. We hope you like better this new scoring system 💙

🥇 The score with the most points wins.

We will announce the winner on September 1st!


🏆 One-year Premium subscription.

Additional incentives

  • Promotion in our blog and social media.
  • Special badge for a year showing you as the winner of this month's challenge!
  • You will choose the winner for our next challenge.


Please send your submission 👉🏽 here before the deadline!

Late submissions will not be considered.

Good luck!!