Back there at Flat we aim to make music composition easier by enhancing collaboration between compositors and giving those who don't know music theory the opportunity to join the community!

Many of you may have already noticed this new icon:

But it's more than about time to make it official! We're delighted to announce you that you can now compose directly using your MIDI devices!
Just plug in your device on your computer, this little icon above will then be highlighted and you can start composing!

A first step towards an awesome experience

Honestly we weren't expecting so much work to release a first stable version. We lowered our expectations regarding this first version: For now we follow a very simple process that we called the step by step. Press a note the duration you want and it will appear instantly on your sheet music.

Pretty simple isn't it?

We will do so much more!

This is a first step but we intend to do so much more. We want to create a feature that will definitely enhance creativity and make it much more easier to compose music.
To do so we will improve drastically all our algorithms to avoid any glitches when composing.
Also, as a real time product we want to bring real time in your composition sessions. No need to add rests manually we want to take care of everything. To give you the opportunity to focus on what matters most: composition.
And I can't wait to be able to plug in my electronic drum and kick off some rhythm :)

No time to wait

As I am writing this line Corentin is furiously working on the next update, I won't miss the opportunity to write a new blog post to celebrate the release.
Feel free to send him support and love messages, he loves them and gives so much energy!


With love <3