Hi everybody,

As you may know, a while ago we introduced a feature that allows you to receive either Email or In App notifications when other users interact with you or your scores (Comments, Likes, Follow, Score Invites etc...).

Today we are proud to announce Desktop Notifications!
Now you can get notified right on your desktop even when you haven't open Flat.io!. However at this time only Google Chrome or Firefox allow this type of notifications.

How to get started ?

  • Go on your Account Settings
  • Click on Notifications to see you notifications settings
  • Click on the toggle button named Browser notification, under the section Desktop Notification
  • Your browser will ask you to Allow Flat.io to send you Notifications
  • After that you should receive a notification confirming the success of the procedure

We hope that you will like this brand new feature.And as always do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issue.