Hi Everyone,

Since the very beginning of Flat, you've been thousand to send messages asking for a search bar. we've first published the popular section
But that wasn't enough at all :) Less than a week later we're dealing with twice more email asking for the search bar.
We had to make it right and we chose to wait for the V6 and its brand new design to release this eagerly awaited feature.

search bar

It will follow you everywhere you go :) We added it right into the header.

How does it work?

Well it's pretty simple and basic (for now)!
We assume that you might be looking for someone or for a specific compositor. Let's say Pierre:

An autocompletion will automatically suggest some results to you. Press enter to have more propositions.
We chose to split compositors and compositions in a clear layout

That's all! :)
We know that many of you were waiting for more search capabilities! We hope you'll find great compositions to play or collaborate on.