Following the constant improvements of our music score editor and therefore the growth of our community we have seen more and more great compositions shared on many groups over social networks.
At first we were completely amazed to see great creations made on Flat and shared over the internet. Week by week the amount of shared work kept increasing and so did the number of emails asking us to add search capabilities to find great work on the platform. That's why we decided to create popular.

Cave of wonders

With this section we wanted to create a space where you will always find new amazing compositions. A place where every composer can find inspiration and bring his works to everyone's eyes.
It's just like the cave of wonders in Aladin, in one hand you know that you will find something great but in the other hand you don't have a clue about what will be found.
That's what I love with the popular page, every week there is a new bunch of great compositions and if you take time to spend time on it you will always find something unexpected :)

How to be in popular?

We do not decide if a composition / creation is great or not. The community does :)
I won't go in too many details about our algorithms but we will look at:

  • The amount of love received
  • The number of view
  • The number of true comments

Everything else depends on you :) Of course you can tweet / email us about one of your composition. Some members of the team will surely like and share it. We will always remain your first fans!!!

Come and see by yourself what's trending this week!

I can't wait to see your next trending compositions and share my own with you!

Have a great day!