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As usual, we want to keep you in the loop on our latest product updates:

Web Music Editor:

iOS mobile app:

Android mobile app:

The Community:

Web Music Editor

Auto-scroll update

We improved the auto-scroll by making more of the score visible during the playback.

Profile pinned scores

Highlight your best creations on your community profile with this new feature.

💡We suggest pinning from 2 to 3 scores.

iOS Mobile app

Dynamics UX improvement

Now the dynamics are displayed more logically on the dynamics tool. Before, those were displayed as ppp - fff - pp - ff - p - f. This is the new order:

🐛iOS bugs fixed

The import feature was not working correctly, it is now 😉.

Android Mobile app

New instruments  

  • The Beta instruments are now available on the Android app.
  • HQ Tenor Sax.
  • HQ Baritone Sax.

New tools

  • Chord style tool
  • Layout settings

Now you can personalize the layout of your scores directly on the app:

✓ Noteheads

✓ Music fonts

✓ Measure numbers

✓ Measure layout

✓ Page layout

✓ Staff layout

🐛Android bugs fixed

  • When a preview was played didn't stop when navigating out of the instrument selection screen.
  • In read-only mode, the instruments were not hidden.
  • During landscape mode, the editor’s overflow menu was not drawn properly.

The Community

November's challenge winner

🎉 We want to congratulate Thomas Bozarth!!!!

He is the winner of the challenge with his song Lights Out Samba.

We created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽 listen now.

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December's Challenge: Jazzy Christmas

The holiday season is undoubtedly a special time. We spend time with loved ones and remember those who are no longer with us. During this time, we experience a wide range of emotions: gratitude, love, nostalgia, happiness, and even sadness. In this challenge, share with the world what Christmas means to you in a song.

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Composer of the month

December's composer is ✨TJ Bruce

We learned a lot during our interview, and we're sure you will.
We'll share the interview very soon!

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