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Android mobile app:

The community:

Android mobile app

Profile & notification tabs

🫶🏼 Now the profile and notification tabs are available in the app.

New instruments

We added these instruments:

🎶 HQ Baritone TC

🎶HQ Baritone Horn

🎶HQ Horn in D

🎶 HQ Horn in C

🎶 HQ French Horn

The community

February challenge winner

This challenge was amazing, and we got more than 60 submissions. Choosing the winner was not an easy task!

Thank you to everyone who joined in 🫶🏼.

Congrats to Michael McManus for his lovely piece:

March challenge

The theme for this month is Your spirit animal.

In this challenge, you'll first take this personality test to discover your spirit animal and then create a song inspired by that relationship.

🦉Join now!

Composer of the month

March's composer is ✨James Music

We learned a lot during our interview, and we're sure you will too.
We'll share the interview very soon!

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