Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce that our worksheet system on Flat for Education is now available for everyone. The idea is simple. You pick a subject, choose some settings, and Flat for Education will automatically generate for you some exercises to assess the knowledge of your students on basic music theory. Our product will also automatically grade their work and push grades to Google Classroom or your LMS (MusicFirst, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, etc.). This new learning dimension is included in your existing Flat for Education subscription at no extra cost.

First available subjects

exercices generated in 3 clicks

You can use it for homework practice, or knowledge assessment if you decide to give some points for each exercise.

To create a worksheet, you need to create a new assignment and choose the option worksheet:

As with the composition assignments, you can set a due date. If you want to prepare your worksheet in advance and have it released by a certain date, you can set the publication date. And finally, if you only want to send the worksheet to your students using treble clef, select them in the "Assigned Students" field.

Extra settings

Types of exercises

We have added several types of exercises:

Pitch recognition: The student must give the pitch of the given note.

Pitch Indentification

Pitch construction: The student must place the note on the staff and select the right accidental to match the given pitch.

Pitch construction

Key recognition: The student is given a mode and a key signature. He must then find the right tonic.

Key Identification

Key construction: The student must select the right key signature for the given tonic & mode.

Key construction

Interval recognition: The student must name the given interval.

Interval recognition

Interval construction: The student is given an interval and a note. He must then place a second note on the staff to match the given interval.

Interval construction

Reviewing students work

Just like scores assignments on Flat for Education, you can access your students' work as soon as they start working on your assignments. The worksheet exercises are automatically graded, and you can optionally choose to manually release grades after reviewing their work.

Grades are automatically sent to your Google Classroom course or your LMS gradebooks, including MusicFirst, Canvas, Schoology, and Moodle.

You and your students can then click on the exercises to see what the correct answers were:

Review details

Once again thank for your support

Hundred of teachers joined our private beta and supported us through countless feedback helping us to shape this first version.

There are so many of new subjects we could add like scales, triads & sevenths chords, time signature & bar-lines. With the feature being open to everyone, we can't wait to hear your thoughts on our worksheet system and see what we should add next. Your opinion matters, help us to decide what we should add next!

It's only the beginning

Regardless of all the subject we will keep adding on weekly basis, we also have more advance ideas in mind!

You could be able to link an audio to questions to have your students doing ear training.

We would like to give you the possibility to fine tune generated exercises with your own set of answers. To create you very own worksheet just like you would do with a Google Forms!

Finally, we aim to offer students the possibility  to practice on exercises that would be automatically generated for them based on their achievements and previous errors. This way they would be able to practice as much as they want  on their own while you track their progress and help them according to their strengths and drawbacks.

It opens a new era of teaching on Flat for Education and we can't hide how excited we are to jump in it with you!

Let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for new exercises or features!