Today we are releasing an improvement for our Google Classroom assignments integration.

You might already have seen the following warning banner that was preventing you from editing our assignments attachments, and the reason is that Google Classroom doesn't let us update the attachments once an assignment has been created.

Google Classroom doesn't allow apps like Flat for Education to modify the attachments of an existing assignment. To make changes to attached scores, we recommend you to create a new assignment.

Google Classroom still doesn't let us edit these attachments, however we decided to make a change on our end to improve this experience.

For new assignments, Flat for Education now posts a unique link to our assignment page instead of a New Score link, or link to your Template or Shared writing score or even your Worksheet.

Additional links to read-only scores, Google Drive files, Additional links (e.g. Videos) will be posted as additional attachments in your Classroom coursework.

Some benefits of this update:

  • You can now change attachments of your new assignments without having to re-post a new assignment. For example, switching from a New Score link to a Template if you notice that it would be easier for your students to start from a template score.
  • Students will see feedback you sent to them right away when opening the assignment link
  • And they are future proof for future assignments updates 😉

If you have any questions about this update, please contact us at