We interviewed several teachers who use Flat for Education in their daily work. We learned so much from them and we're sure you will too. We have designed a series of case studies to help you get the most out of our platform and take your classes to the next level.

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Challenge: distancing, a consequence of the pandemic

A big part of what makes music so enjoyable is sharing it with others: playing in ensembles, concerts, choirs, or just enjoying an impromptu concert with friends. Throughout the pandemic and the rise of hybrid and remote class models, the social aspect of music was affected.

Overcoming this challenge with Flat for Education

How can music educators and students still grow to succeed with the help of technology and tools such as Flat for Education?

We’d like to showcase how two Choir and Band teachers from our community have creatively used Flat for Education and incorporated it into their curriculum for it to remain long-term.

💡 Using the performance and composition features, choirs were able to practice remotely and by the time school started again in person, all students knew their parts! Not only did it allow them to stay on top of their yearly projects, but helped them build their confidence in new ways, all while having fun.

"Students would record themselves following my (their teacher) voice on Flat for Education. As a second step, they would have to record the same song without my voice. This was as close to singing in a choir and learning your part as it could be from home."  (Mrs. Brewer)

A band teacher shares that Flat for education provided another way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of musical concepts, which should not only be about the musical performance of their instrument. This is where music theory worksheets became very handy. As a matter of fact, it allows them to experiment with writing their own music and many of them have discovered a passion for composition!

“I have loved using the worksheets options to assess students' knowledge of rhythms and notes, and then having them demonstrate that knowledge through their compositions. We used Flat for Education once to write a piece of music together as a class which was awesome, the students still ask to hear it played back all the time!”(Mrs. Keller)

Last but not least, Flat for Education’s playback feature remains among the students’ favorites! The students are able to listen to everything that is written, reinforcing what they are creating in the aural sense. Whenever they harmonize, transpose, create, or adapt a melody, they can hear it instantaneously.


✅ Increased student engagement and musical curiosity

✅ A more extensive musical knowledge

✅ Time-saver for teachers (auto-graded worksheets)

✅ Ability to adapt to the needs of each student

✅ Aural training

Flat for Education features used

Worksheets for music theory

Composition assignments

Instant playback

Performance assignments

If you have questions or would like to try it for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to edu@flat.io!