This is an old product announcement that doesn't reflect the current state of our product. Check out our dedicated transposition help to get a the latest resources.

I have described in the previous articles music intervals and transposition logic. I will describe here how to operate them with Flat.

To perform a transposition:

1. Choose the selection toolbar


2. Then select the measures on which you want to perform a transposition


3. Click on the transpose button


4. Choose the transposition interval


You can choose the number of octave to shift, and an interval. The interval value define the diatonic part of the transposition interval. The chromatic part is defined with the check-box. As you can see you can have a preview of the effect of the transposition interval you choose.
Click on the Transpose button to finish the transposition. You can select multiple measures to transpose. The ties will be preserved accross the same measures, but the cross-measure ties might be removed.