Despite dynamics notation available since 2 weeks, you've been a lot asking for more music symbole to spice up your compositions.

Here they are! Articulations are now part of the journey.

Articulations change the duration, style or dynamic of a single note, compared to the more global style of play given by dynamics directions.

Attack/dynamics change

Accents add an emphaze to note compared to the dynamic level. The normal accent (on the left) is called marcato in Italian. The Italian name of the stronger one (on the right) is marcatissimo.

Duration change

Here is a tenuto:
It ensures that there is no gap with the following note. The note is played its full length

Staccatos look like this:
It increase this gap with the next note, so the note sounds "detached". The staccatissimo (on the right) is stronger than the staccato (on the left)


The fermata states that the played duration of the note is decided by the conductor.

Keep sending your ideas and feedback, our roadmap is more than tight but there is always something that we can add.

See you on Flat!