One of the best parts of working with the Flat community is the chance to see musicians grow. Growth can happen at different speeds for different people – and of course, for everyone there are some moments that are plateaus, others that are soaring peaks.

Because our community is so diverse, though, there is often a chance to watch growth that is simply astounding. Many times that comes from some of our younger musicians, just like this month’s composer of the month, LG15, who will soon be finishing up… elementary school.

From his native Colombia, LG15 gives us both arrangements and original compositions that, I’m quite sure, will make many of you out there marvel at such talent in such a young package. I’ll let him take it from here, including a number of his pieces for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

When did you start making music?

I was 6 when I made my first composition. Before that, I’d had piano classes and had always loved music, but that’s when I was inspired by my music teacher to try writing something on my own.

Do you have a style?

I don’t think so, I personally think everything I do is a bit different in some way or another.

View on Flat: Me, LG15 by LG15

A happy way of seeing oneself

When did you join Flat?

About a year ago. Before I used Note Flight but it had so many limitations that I changed to Flat. It’s been a great experience.

Do you have a favorite composition?

The one I’m most proud of is “My Life”.

View on Flat: My Life by LG15

A more reflective mood

What’s your composing process?

I usually start playing chords on a keyboard until I find something I like. Then I add more instruments, and after that I’ll create a melody.

Do you see music as being part of your career? (That’s a long way from now, I know!)

I don’t know about a career, but it is definitely one of my passions. I want to keep going, and know that the most important thing is to keep trying, to never give up.

An upbeat tune to finish on

The whole team at Flat can’t wait to see how such a young composer will develop. So give him a follow, we’re definitely doing the same!