Hello everyone :)

We are thrilled to see so many of you regularly participating in the Flat challenges. Every single one of the submissions are truly amazing!

As we started listening to your submissions, we quickly saw that it wasn't going to be an easy task to choose the winner this month. We got AMAZING submissions.

As always, keep in mind that the whole purpose of these challenges is to inspire you to create, not to create a sense of competition.

👀 To start, let's check on the highlights of this challenge!

✨ The highlights

Before announcing the winner, we want to highlight some interesting creations:

  1. Numéro De Trapèze by Fellow Cello

The song achieves outstanding beauty and tension, creating a captivating and dynamic experience. Great representation of a trapezist doing an act.

Numero De Trapeze by Fellow Cello

  1. the circus by L.p.composer

This bold composer took on the task of representing the entire circus! Even though the score was supposed to be for a specific character, we greatly appreciate the effort of representing the whole circus. Great job!

The Circus by Lpcomposer

  1. La Marcia Acrobatica by micah

The composition captures a toddler's excitement on their first circus visit. The first movement, depicting the wait for tickets, brilliantly conveys the child's awe and the vibrant circus atmosphere. It's a perfect encapsulation of the magic and amazement.

La Marcia Acrobatica by micah

4. March down to the circus by marches and more

The song perfectly captures the circus atmosphere with a joyous march that builds anticipation and excitement for the acts to come. It's a lively piece that gets the crowd ready for the show.

✨ By the way, the most frequent characters featured in your scores, bringing the circus atmosphere to life, were:

  • Ringmaster
  • Strongman
  • Trapezist
  • Tightrope Walker
  • Sword Swallower
  • Clown

The winner

Now, without further ado...

🎉 Congratulations to... oh wait! We had a tie this time!

🥇 Jay for his amazing piece > Through the Rings of Fire 

The song is epic, immersing you in the intensity of a power struggle. You can feel raw energy throughout.

🥇 rustyscrewdriver for his amazing piece > And for My Magnificent Final Act 

As the piece transitions between minor and major modes, it captures the shift from confidence to fear, reflecting the strongman's inner fear and outward bravery. You can feel his tension, strength, determination, doubt, humanity, and vulnerability. The emotional changes are clear, making it a powerful and immersive experience.

The top 10 scores:

  1. Through the Rings of Fire by Jay / And for My Magnificent Final Act  by rustyscrewdriver.
  2. The Knife Thrower by Thomas Bozarth.

This song is a beautifully detailed act (please check the description in the score). You can feel the concentration at the beginning, followed by the magic, skill, elegance, confidence, and precision of the character. In part three, the Knife Thrower’s brief moment of nervousness is palpable but doesn’t hinder him, and he finishes with grace. The song captures the movements, different parts, and range of emotions perfectly.

  1. Perilously Precarious Performance by Sarah Martin

Mysterious and playful, this song is incredibly interesting and hypnotic.

  1. Devilish Ringmaster by walter

This Chopin-styled waltz is beautifully crafted, capturing moments of grit and despair. It portrays the ringmaster’s struggle to find self-acceptance for his past mistakes. Beautiful!

  1. The Rope by Kingsol

You can feel the tension, concentration, precision, danger, and adrenaline in this song. It's a perfect soundtrack for a movie! By listening to it you can envision the entire act, including the small victories along the tightrope.

  1. The Last Performer by Mr.Harmony.

This song is perfect old-school music for a clown, ideal for a silent movie from the '50s. It captures the clumsiness, naive humor, and personality of the clown, making you laugh as you imagine the clown running and doing funny things. Very energetic!

  1. Animal Wrangler by Drew Nieporte

This song features intriguing glissandos and a great use of the meow sound. The atmosphere is fantastic—compact yet full of emotions. You can hear different animals throughout. Very creative piece!

  1. Brighter Colors by Musaic

This piece captures the complex experience of appearing happy on the outside but feeling inadequate on the inside. When listening to it, you cannot tell if you feel happy or sad. The tension within the music reveals its beauty. It’s a very personal score—be sure to read the description!

  1. adobe the acro bat by B2

This is the most original and creative piece of the challenge! The music itself is acrobatic. Brilliant!

🏆 We also want to congratulate B2, one of our most consistent participants in the challenges we've been running for almost two years. We are truly impressed with how much you have improved as a composer. We greatly admire your commitment and look forward to continuing to be part of your musical journey!

  1. Calixto and the Magicatz Circus! by Maestroso

Hopeful and beautiful, this song captivates from start to finish. The ending is amazing—you can actually hear the applause. Well achieved!

❗If yours isn't in the group of finalists, please don't be disappointed – we really loved listening to every submission and we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with for future challenges 💪🏻 Remember, we have one of these each month.

💡 And don't forget about the bonus points, they can make all the difference!

Again, a big thank you to everyone for submitting your songs 🤟.

By the way, the July's challenge is already, you can join > here.

Keep creating amazing music!

See you next time,