In preparation for a large update of our Flat for Education product, we are updating how our LTI credentials are managed. LTI allows you to connect Flat to your favorite LMS like Canvas and Schoology.

Previously, LTI credentials were shared between all the admins' accounts of your Flat for Education school account one LMS. This required you to re-use the same credentials everywhere and made credentials revocation complicated.

From today, every admin (and soon teachers) will have their own LTI credentials linked to their Flat account. This will make the setup of your LMS easier and allow to revoke credentials when you remove a teacher or an admin account.

Existing credentials will be linked to the Flat account who created them. You don't need to update your existing configurations. However, from now on you might see different credentials in your School settings if another account created them. If you have any questions, please contact our team at