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Music Editor:

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Music Editor

Flat for Android

The new Flat for Android app is opening for beta testing. To be part of the early adopters able to compose whenever the mood strikes, sign up for early access!

Just leave your email in the link and you’ll be first up as soon as we’re live.


Flat for Education

Music Snippet, the Flat for Education Add-0n

Music Snippet is the perfect tool to engage your students like never before. Get Flat for Education's Google extension to insert music notation and tablatures into your Google Docs & Slides.

We created this short video to show you how to get the add-on and add it to your education toolkit:


May's challenge winner

🎉 We want to congratulate Josh Holmberg!!!!

Josh is the winner of this month's challenge with his song The Warrior.

We created a playlist with the top 10 👉🏽 listen now.

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June's challenge: La planète sauvage

We'll launch the challenge next week on our Instagram profile – stay tuned!

Composer of the month: Dislan Music

June's composer is ✨Dislan Music✨.
We learned a lot during our interview and we're sure you will, too.
We'll share the interview very soon!

How can you become Flat's composer of the month?

If you have original creations on Flat, a small audience, and want to share your music and story, write to us at hello@flat.io.

The requirements are pretty simple:

  1. Have a Power subscription
  2. Have less than 200 followers on Flat
  3. Have original compositions
  4. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

(If you aren't on the social networks, it doesn't matter – write to us anyway :)

So send an e-mail and become one of our composers of the month!

New blog articles

✍️ These are our latest articles, in case you haven't read them yet:

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