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Music Editor:

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Music Editor

Improvements on the drumset composition

Preview of the available instruments

Now, when you place the mouse cursor on the staff, we show you the instruments that are available at the hovered line, along with their respective note-heads and shortcuts.

Preview of the instruments available on the space between the 4th and the 5th lines

Assigning instruments to leger lines

When you create your custom drumset, you can now assign instruments to leger lines:

Side-stick placed between line 6 and line 7

New track panels

We listen to our users and we are always adding the features you request! This is one of them. Keep the parts and measure numbers always visible, even when scrolling, with our new track display mode.

The community

New competition launched!

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Learn more about it here.

The composer of the month: Sydney Wong

If we think of music theory as a set of unbreakable formulas instead of a resource to understand music, it will become a limiting factor for our authentic selves.

Meet Sydney Wong, the composer of January

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