Hello fellow composers!

Sometimes you may want to extract an image of a few measures from your score so that you can reuse it elsewhere, for example in a text document or a presentation slide, like this:

We have added a tool for that. You can now extract an image of a score as a PNG or an SVG. You can choose which page or which measures you want to extract.

Here is how the export was configured to produce the image above. We decided to export measures from 10 to 16, from the Guitar part, and by hiding the normal staff so we only export the TAB staff.

You can select different layouts for the export: page, horizontal, vertical.

You can read more about this feature on this help page.

What's next!

We will update the PDF export using this new preview system, so you can see the impact of the different options (parts selection, merging empty measures), before exporting the PDF.