Hi everyone,

If you are a developer using our REST API, we released a new minor update (v.2.9) of our API and updated our API tools.

OpenAPI 3.0.2

The schema of our API is now available in OpenAPI 3.0.2 instead of OpenAPI 2.0. You can download it as JSON and the original YAML file on our GitHub API repository.

You can use our online documentation website to easily browse our API specification. If you never used it, please check out our Getting Started Guide.

View Flat REST API Reference

API Console

We added a new API Console using Swagger UI. This one allows you to directly try out API calls from our documentation page.

API v2.9.0

We updated several endpoints with new properties and new features (no breaking changes). Check out our complete changelog for more information about this API Update.

Got any feedback?

If you have any feedback or features requests, regarding our APIs, please contact our team at developers@flat.io.

Thank you,