Hi everyone,

We added multiple options into our embed product to control the displayed parts of your scores.

URL Options

You can provide a list of parts to display in the URL of the embed using the new parts URL option. This parameter supports multiple formats for the parts references, which must be separated by a comma:

  • Parts UUIDs,
  • Part indexes (idx), starting at 0 for the first part,
  • Part names (e.g. Piano),
  • Part Abbreviation (e.g. Pno.)

Examples of parts options:

  • parts=0,3,4
  • parts=Violin,Viola

You can also use our embed generator to easily select the parts to display:

New interface for your end-users

If you are using the customization options of our embed, we added a new option (controlsParts) to display an interface in the embed to choose the parts to display, similar to our editor. You can also enable this interface from our embed generator.

New JavaScript API methods

If you are a developer using our JavaScript API, we added new methods to get details about your score instruments and dynamically change the displayed parts:

Have any feedback?

Like any of our product updates, these features were requested by our community and customers. If you have any feedback or requests regarding our Embed or APIs, please contact our team at developers@flat.io.

Thank you,